Did Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer get along? (2023)

What did Val Kilmer say to Tom Cruise?

Kilmer, wearing a sweater and a scarf, types most of his "Maverick" dialogue to Cruise on a computer keyboard, including asking, "How's my wingman?" - a follow-up to Iceman's final line to his rival in the original, "You can be my wingman, anytime."

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Did Tom Cruise fight for Val Kilmer?

Tom Cruise fought for 'wingman' Val Kilmer to star in Top Gun sequel after his battle with cancer. Top Gun's two male leads didn't always get on.

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How many movies have Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer been in together?

Maverick also marked the first time Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer have appeared together onscreen since Top Gun, though they nearly reunited for 2004's Collateral.

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Do Maverick and Iceman become friends?

In the end, though, these two are brought together and become friends. Maverick and Iceman are both students at the U.S. Navy's Fighter Weapons School in the Top Gun program, where aviators compete to see who is the best in the class.

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What does Val Kilmer say to Ringo?

You can hear Val Kilmer's masculine voice speaking off-scene as the two brothers slowly walk away from the mad man. Acknowledging Ringo's impetus, he utters the phrase calmly, "I'm your huckleberry." When Ringo turns to see him, he gives away a sly smile saying, "That's just my game".

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What did Michael Douglas say about Val Kilmer?

Michael Douglas has apologised for the incautious remark in which he claimed that fellow actor Val Kilmer was suffering from the same form of throat cancer that had affected Douglas.

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Why does Val Kilmer always wear a scarf?

If you've seen pictures of Kilmer wearing a scarf the last few years, it's because he doesn't want to show his breathing tube in public. It's widely known that Kilmer will be appearing as Iceman in “Top Gun: Maverick.” When you know the extent of his health issues, it's hard to imagine just what his role will be.

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Did Val Kilmer lose his speech?

As a result of rounds of chemotherapy and two tracheotomies — a procedure that allows one to breathe without nose or mouth — Kilmer lost the ability to speak clearly. In 2021, through the use of AI technology, his voice was able to be recreated with archival audio.

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Who did Val Kilmer love?

Val Kilmer was linked to Cindy Crawford, Angelina Jolie, Cher and more celebrities over his decades-long career. “I've always found women infinitely more interesting than men,” the Top Gun star wrote in his 2020 memoir, I'm Your Huckleberry.

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Who turned down Top Gun?

A thrilling, flag-waving, homoerotic masterpiece from Tony Scott, Top Gun is recognised as one of the most defining moves of the 1980s, taking director Tony Scott and lead star Tom Cruise to new heights of success.

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How much did Val Kilmer make for Top Gun: Maverick?

It is not clear how much Val Kilmer earned as some reports state that he took home $400,000 and others say he had a paycheque of $2 million. While talking about the film, just recently, it surpassed another major milestone at the box office.

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Are Michael Douglas and Val Kilmer friends?

'Things don't look too good for him': Michael Douglas says his friend Val Kilmer, 56, HAS been battling throat cancer - 10 months after Batman star was seen with a breathing tube. Val Kilmer has cancer, his friend Michael Douglas claimed during a Q&A with Jonathan Ross in London on Sunday.

Did Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer get along? (2023)
Can Val Kilmer talk without a voice box?

Val Kilmer, the star of movies as wide-ranging as Top Gun, Batman Forever, Heat, and The Prince of Egypt, withdrew from the public eye following a throat cancer diagnosis and two tracheotomies which left his ability to express himself vocally severely impaired. He now speaks using a voice box.

How much did Val Kilmer make for Top Gun 2?

Ed Harris, who plays the rear admiral, has taken a salary of $500k for this film. Actress Monica Barbaro, who plays Phoenix, has taken a salary of $300k for this film. Val Kilmer, who plays Admiral Tom “Iceman” Kazansky, has taken a salary of $400K for the film.

How much is Val Kilmer worth?

Val Kilmer Net Worth
Net Worth:$10 Million
Date of BirthDec 31, 1959 (63 years old)
Place of BirthLos Angeles
Height6 ft (1.83 m)
2 more rows

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