Borgias stream? (2023)

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Which pope had a child with his daughter?

Lucrezia Borgia
Issue DetailRodrigo of Aragon Ercole II d'Este, Duke of Ferrara Ippolito d'Este Eleonora d'Este Francesco d'Este, Marquis of Massalombarda
FatherPope Alexander VI
MotherVannozza dei Cattanei
11 more rows

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What STD did Juan Borgia have?

In private, however, he suffers from an unspecified venereal disease (most probably syphilis), which his physician instructs him to medicate with mercury and opium; Juan soon becomes addicted to the latter, frequently visiting a Muslim-owned opium den.

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Why did Borgias get Cancelled?

When they looked at what it could cost, it was just too expensive,” series creator Neil Jordan told Deadline. “I would have loved to bring all the characters to a conclusion. All of the actors were heartbroken we couldn't continue, and so was I.”

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Is Netflix Borgias historically accurate?

Jordan has taken a page from Hirst in that he's not attempting to pass off “The Borgias” as 100 percent accurate. “I don't claim to be telling a completely factual tale; that's for textbooks,” Jordan says in the notes to the series. “This is a suspenseful crime drama based on real characters and events.

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Did Lucrezia Borgia have syphilis?

Syphilis affected many illustrious personages in the 15th and 16th centu- ry, such as the Kings of France, Charles VIII and Francis I; the popes Alexander VI, Julius II and Leo X; Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia, Erasmus of Rotterdam and Benvenutto Cellini, who, among oth- ers, survived syphilis without consequences1.

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How old was Lucrezia Borgia when she died?

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How old was Cesare Borgia when he died?

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What is the deadliest STD in the United States?

The most dangerous viral STD is human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), which leads to AIDS. Other incurable viral STDs include human papilloma virus (HPV), hepatitis B and genital herpes.

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What was Lucrezia Borgia famous for?

Lucrezia Borgia (q.v.; 1480–1519), a daughter of Rodrigo and a patron of the arts, became famous for her skill at political intrigue. The family produced many other persons of lesser importance. One, St. Francis Borgia (1510–1572), a great-grandson of Rodrigo, was canonized.

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Was the Borgia family corrupt?

The Borgia family is considered one of the most corrupt families ever to be associated with the Catholic papacy. Ironically, there has been speculation that the family may have been secretly Jewish. The rise of the family began in Spain with Alfonso de Borja, who was born in Valencia, Spain, in 1378.

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What pope is The Borgias based on?

Alfonso de Borgia (1378–1458) established the family's influence in Italy and became Pope Calixtus III in 1455 (see Calixtus III).

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Did The Borgias and the Medicis get along?

Because of their grasping for power, they made enemies of the Medici, the Sforza, and the Dominican friar Girolamo Savonarola, among others. They were also patrons of the arts who contributed to the development of Renaissance art.

Borgias stream? (2023)
Which Borgia show is more accurate?

But for my money, the lesser known French-German-Czech version called Borgia: Faith and Fear was more interesting, and marginally more historically accurate (though that should not be the prime criteria for judging what is, after all, a work of fiction).

Was Paolo from Borgias real?

Paolo Borgia (born 18 March 1966) is an Italian prelate of the Catholic Church who has worked in the diplomatic service of the Holy See since 2001.
Paolo Borgia.
His Excellency, The Most Reverend Paolo Borgia
Born18 March 1966 Manfredonia (Foggia), Italy
12 more rows

How old was Lucrezia Borgia when she married?

Lucrezia was 13 years old when she married Giovanni Sforza on June 12, 1493. The marriage was not a happy one. Within four years, Lucrezia was complaining of his behavior. Giovanni also accused Lucrezia of misconduct.

Did Cesare Borgia wear a mask?

Cesare really did wear a mask – but it wasn't to hide his syphilis – Despite the fact that he did have syphilis, most contemporary chroniclers were still saying that Cesare was incredibly good looking even when his enemies were going on about how horrifically scarred he was.

What was syphilis called in France?

So, the inhabitants of today's Italy, Germany and United Kingdom named syphilis 'the French disease', the French named it 'the Neapolitan disease', the Russians assigned the name of 'Polish disease', the Polish called it 'the German disease', The Danish, the Portuguese and the inhabitants of Northern Africa named it ' ...

What languages did Lucrezia Borgia speak?

Born in 1480, Lucrezia Borgia received a humanist education, speaking Italian, Catalan, French, Latin, and understanding Greek. She was familiar with the works of Dante and Petrarch, wrote poetry and music, was instructed in eloquence, and danced with considerable skill.

Was Cesare in love with Lucrezia?

There are different kinds of love and when you love someone as much as Cesare loves Lucrezia, you want to possess her but you wish her happiness more than yours. And I think Cesare has many doubts about what's better for her.

When did Cesare Borgia get syphilis?

He was considered the handsomest man in Italy, there were inevitably rumours of incest with his sister Lucrezia and he had syphilis from his early twenties.

How long did Lucrezia Borgia live?

In 1512, Borgia withdrew from public life and turned to religion. It is speculated that her withdrawal was in response to the news that Rodrigo, her son by Alfonso of Aragon, had died. On June 24, 1519, ten days after giving birth to a stillborn girl, Borgia died at the age of 39.

What is the STD capital of the United States?

20, 2022, at 3:10 a.m. Why Is the Villages Known as 'The STD Capital of America? ' THE VILLAGES, Fla.

What is the most common STD in men?

HPV (Human papillomavirus), the most common STD in the United States, is also a concern for gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men. Some types of HPV can cause genital and anal warts and some can lead to the development of anal and oral cancers.

What state has the most reported STDs?

Rank*StateRate per 100,000 Population
4South Carolina707.1
48 more rows

What did Leonardo do for Cesare Borgia?

In the summer of 1502, da Vinci was commissioned by Cesare Borgia to design military weapons/technology. He was appointed as Borgia's "senior military architect and general engineer." At this time, Borgia was at the height of his power and was seeking to gain control of the Papal States of Romagna and the Marches.

Who was the first black pope?

In the history of the papacy, there has never been a black pope, while today the greatest number of Roman Catholics is actually in Africa.”

Who became pope after Borgia?

Following the death of the Borgia pope in 1503, Giuliano returned to Rome, having been 10 years in exile, and, after Pius III's brief pontificate, was, with the liberal help of simony, elected Pope Julius II in October 1503.

Which pope had a girlfriend?

Pope John Paul II had an intimate 32-year relationship with a Polish philosopher who is believed to have once declared her love to him while he was still a cardinal, according to letters discovered by the BBC.

Which pope had an illegitimate son?

Innocent VIII was not so innocent! He was the very first pope in existence to openly confirm his illegitimate children, which was around eight kids at the time, with speculation of it growing.

How old was Rodrigo Borgia when he died?

Who was the most powerful Italian family?

Orsini Family, one of the oldest, most illustrious, and for centuries most powerful of the Roman princely families. Their origins, when stripped of legend, can be traced back to a certain Ursus de Paro, recorded at Rome in 998.

Is Leonardo da Vinci in the Borgias?

But few people know that Leonardo da Vinci was one of those who served in Cesare Borgia's ranks as well.

Who was the most powerful family in Italy?

THE MEDICI FAMILY: the most rich and powerful family of Italy!

Did Machiavelli admired Cesare Borgia?

Machiavelli's Admiration of Cesare Borgia

His fight for power was a major inspiration for one of Machiavelli's greatest works—The Prince. Machiavelli admires Borgia's ruthlessness mainly but because Borgia, for Machiavelli, exhibited a unity and coherence of purpose and intents that was good for the polity.

What did Machiavelli think of Cesare Borgia?

Machiavelli reiterates his praise of Borgia near the end of the chapter: “Having pieced together all the duke's actions, I would not know how to criticize him; on the contrary, it seems to me that he should be put forward as worthy of imitation to all those who rise to power through fortune and the arms of others.” ...

Did Lucrezia Borgia marry?

After Rodrigo became Pope Alexander VI, he decided that Lucrezia would marry Giovanni Sforza, Lord of Pesaro, to establish an alliance with the powerful Milanese family. The wedding took place in 1493 and was considered a scandalous event by some because of its ostentation.

Have any Popes fathered children?

The warlike Julius II, Michelangelo's famous patron, fathered three daughters while he was a cardinal, while Paul III and Pius IV had four and three children respectively before their elections as pontiff.

Did any of the Catholic Popes have children?

There are plenty of Popes in history who, despite their vow of celibacy, have broken this rule. These include popes who were married, had long-term partners, lovers, and even a few that had children. Some Popes in history have even been known to be the son of previous Popes, who had been moulded into taking over.

Does Pope Francis have a child?

Pope Francis FAQ s

No, Pope Francis does not have any children.

Which pope had illegitimate children?

Innocent VIII was not so innocent! He was the very first pope in existence to openly confirm his illegitimate children, which was around eight kids at the time, with speculation of it growing.

Why are popes celibate?

Advocates see clerical celibacy as "a special gift of God by which sacred ministers can more easily remain close to Christ with an undivided heart, and can dedicate themselves more freely to the service of God and their neighbour."

How many popes had wives?

There have been at least four Popes who were legally married before taking Holy Orders: St Hormisdas (514–523), Adrian II (867–872), John XVII (1003) and Clement IV (1265–68) – though Hormisdas was already a widower by the time of his election.

Has there ever been a girl pope?

The Vatican's official records state that all of the more than 260 Catholic popes have been men, but according to a medieval legend, a lady pontiff may have reigned for a brief period in the ninth century.

Who was the last pope to have a wife?

There is good reason to believe that the majority of priests and bishops during the first four centuries of Christianity were married; so were many Popes, the last of whom was Adrian II in the 9th century.

What did pope say about dogs?

Yes, dogs and cats take the place of children,” Francis said, laying out the harsh consequences of a childless future, including the inevitable drying up of pension plans. “Yes, it's funny, I understand, but it is the reality.”

What is the pope's criticism of childless couples?

Pope Francis has criticized couples who choose to have pets instead of children as selfish, arguing that their decision to forgo parenthood leads to a loss of “humanity” and is a detriment to civilization.

What did the pope comment on childless couples?

Pope Francis has called on childless couples to adopt children and is urging institutions to make the process easier. He also condemned the practice of adopting pets instead of children, calling it a “form of selfishness."

Why was pope Benedict removed?

Speaking in Latin, told the attendees that he had made "a decision of great importance for the life of the church". He cited his deteriorating strength due to old age and the physical and mental demands of the papacy. He also declared that he would continue to serve the Church "through a life dedicated to prayer".

When did priests become celibate?

The universal requirement to celibacy was imposed upon the clergy with force in 1123 and again in 1139.

Which pope was thrown out a window?

Pope John XII
BornOctavianus c. 930/937 Rome, Papal States
Died14 May 964 (aged c. 27 – 34) Rome, Papal States
Other popes named John
8 more rows


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